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Instantly Lift your Mood with Cocoa

Green & Blacks Chocolate Valentines Day

The Benefits of Dark Chocolate  

Phenylethylamine (PEA) is a naturally occurring hormone like substance that acts as a neurotransmitter. It gives the brain psychological energy, focus. get up and go and elevates a depressed mood.

Have you had them days when you just feel weak, tired and sluggish, I know I have! where you just want to curl up in ball, shut the door and say ‘not today world!’ so on goes the TV, healthy living goes out of the window and now I’m wondering I’m sure I bought a bag of Minstrels! I’m really feeling in a ‘Chocolate Mood’

We can all relate to Chocolate cant we? eyes light up! and I mean when we are bought a box its the best feeling ever, Right? but we never think to think where that feeling comes from? its directly from the Brain. Its the same feeling when we are ‘in love’ its the same feeling when we have exercised or been out for a run, we feel good and has a ‘Anti-Depressant Effect’

So what is the long word that I don’t understand and cant say Pheni what! and where does it come from? more so, where can I get it?; is the naturally occurring substance that is found in Dark Cocoa, Red Wine amongst other ‘yes I want it’ foods, but without all the downsides of gaining weight, feeling guilty and nursing a hangover, so that takes the fun out of it!

By know this, without going into all the science and studies behind what I have read already, and its pretty phenomenal and worth a read actually. I was especially intrigued that in some areas of the world it is being used as the first treatment for Mild Depression and Anxiety in relieving the sluggishness, low mood and despondency. Now I’ve come to realise why my Doctor years ago gave me the advice ‘Eat 2 Squares of Dark Chocolate a Day’ and I did take that advice which is why today here and there I only buy Organic Dark Chocolate, it did sink in…

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