Make Your Own Himalayan Salt Air Freshener

This is one of my favourites and have been doing this for as long as I can remember! If you suffer from allergies such as dust mite, mold or pet dander then this simple solution could may well help you and protect against cold and flu viruses either at home or in the work place!


One of the key benefits of Himalayan Salts is that it naturally produces Negative Ions (molecules and atoms that hold electrical charge), you may experience the effects of this either at the beach, waterfall or after a rainstorm, this is why people feel so rejuvenated and refreshed afterwards.

Its the only time negative means something good! so in this case we have to think about the Positive Ions which are not good and created from electronic devices such as computers, television and microwaves, this produces an environment which isn’t especially healthy for those who suffer with coughs, allergies and asthma.

There is more science on this, but for the benefit of reading I will skip that part and go into how to make it, I say make it but it’s literally adding a small handful of pink salt to a spray bottle of spring water and shake until dissolved and personalising it with your own mix of Essential Oils my personal favourite is Lemon and Lavender.  On occasions if I’m feeling blue or had cross words in the house, I spray around to clear a heavy atmosphere, lightening the mood.  It really does work and for an added sense of wellbeing I put a about 10 drops of Bach Remedy (Flower Essence), so not only is the house deodorized, cleared of those baddies it totally clears the mind.

So don’t forget your Spray Bottle, Himalayan Salt and Spring Water when you go shopping!


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