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Keep Calm and Burn Bay Leaves

More than just an ingredient you put in your pasta sauce!

Bay Leaves are one of my favourites, thanking my Dad for his endless supply of this wonderful aromatic evergreen herb.  Though apart from its versatility eg, for flavouring soups and stews and more commonly used in Indian and Italian cooking, I have found this practice to be an amazing stress reliever, and not the way you may think, I burn them, and I’m not talking about my cooking!


 This is all you need to do

Take about 3 dried Bay Leaves place them in fire resistant bowl, I suggest a metallic or terracotta type bowl, simply light and place in the bowl, for best results place in the room and shut the door for a minute to contain the benefits, as the flames will release substances, which will enhance the atmosphere and create a wonderful energy flow, breathe in nice and deep and let the smell calm your body and spirit.

The surprising effects comes from a compound of the Bay Leaf called Linalool which is a terpene found in the cannabis and lavender plant giving its well known distinctive scent and sleep aid and has been studied by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists that Linalool certainly does decrease anxiety and enhance social interaction.

So if you have had especially hard day or would like to use in addition to enhance meditation then this is the tool for you.  For myself I find that my creativity is enhanced and gets me in the mood for a settled evening.  Try it you wont regret it.  Take safety precautions too, for example do not leave unattended or let young children watch you lighting for good reasons.

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3 comments on “Keep Calm and Burn Bay Leaves

  1. I will definitely try this!


  2. selfcaremadeeasy

    I will have to try this! Can you buy bay leaves at the store in the produce area?

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