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Ling Zhi ‘The Mushroom of Immortality’

reishi mushroom

Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidium) and has long been known as Ling Zhi ‘The Mushroom of Immortality’ in China for the passed 5000 years used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in fact all TCM Doctors know that Reishi is the most potent adaptogenic herb available.  Adaptogens are those herbs and other substances that increase the body’s resistance to stress and help overcome health challenges much quicker.  It is now becoming increasing popular in becoming a substitute or alternative to coffee due to its quite similar taste. 


The Health Benefits of Reishi

Slows down the Aging Process, Cancer Preventing and Treatment, Detoxifying to the Liver and Bodily Systems, Improves Cognitive Function, Helps Anti-inflammatory Conditions, Respiratory Conditions, Reduces High Blood Pressure, Energy Boosting and an Immune System Aid

So how does it help you lose weight? being in the Weight Loss Industry for some time, the most sustainable weight reduction system is through detoxification, having done this myself,  I can pretty much guarantee that this way is much like a ‘restart’ button.  So rather than giving yourself a hard time calling it a diet as we know diets do not work unless you change your mind set and lifestyle; take it in small steps of days, weeks at a time, and don’t necessarily set yourself a target, unless you like to do that for yourself and you’re better under pressure then that’s ok, for me personally it was more a process of elimination slowly.

For One Month

  • Refrain from Refined Sugar and Replace with Honey or Fruit Sugar
  • Avoid Processed Foods (Canned Food, Ready Meals, Fizzy Pop etc)
  • Eat a Healthy Mix of Natural Foods to maintain your Nutritional Balance
  • Include Vegetables especially ones with Stalks and Roots
  • Drink Mountain Spring Water to avoid Cellular Dehydration and Enhance the Elimination Toxins accumulated within the body
  • Incorporate Reishi Mushroom into your diet, the easiest I did this and highly enjoyable as you don’t feel you’re losing out, is with Ganoderma Coffee.
  • Most of all Make it Fun! In one month only you wont feel like going for the quick fixes for energy, plus your taste buds will change and are most likely to feel adverse to the taste of sugar, processed foods etc

Note:  you may feel tired and fatigued for a few days, which is known as the ‘The Healing Crisis, please try and pull you’re reserves as much as you can, it does vary as we are all different and don’t feel guilty for taking naps or resting, your are investing time into yourself and this alone is very productive!

instant reishi

 I incorporate Instant Reishi when I’m having a detox week, and usually shed around 3lbs with these Instant Reishi Tea Bags.  I would say they have an earthy taste which I kind of expected… nice though!

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