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Self Care Tips for Christmas

Ways to avoid not pulling your hair out this Christmas

Its Supposed to be Fun!

Remember that this is supposed to be a happy and enjoyable time, not a time of increased stress and rush. I know it’s really difficult not to get caught up in the hustle and bustle but there is still a need to take time for yourself.  Don’t feel that you have to go to every function that comes your way where you are blindly saying yes to everything to the point where it becomes so overwhelming that you are not really enjoying yourself.  Be mindful of what Christmas really is and is not, it is spending time with loved ones, it is not road rage, queue rage or having a go at your spouse because they forgot the Apple Sauce! Stay calm, plan and write lists as to not get yourself into a pickle.

Don’t Neglect your Physical Health

Keep in mind that most occasions over Christmas will involve food.  It can be very easy to overindulge and eat more than intended, and if coupled with finding less time to exercise we can end up with at end of the season being out of shape.  Though it wont be too difficult setting new resolutions come January 1st. Ask me for more details on our up and coming ‘January Shred’!!!

Take Time to Recharge

Make sure that you schedule some time in between to relax and recharge.  Even a few moments of silence and re-collecting your thoughts can make all the difference at this time.  Don’t feel guilty as time to yourself can be really productive in keeping your mind clear and ready for tasks.

Plink Plonk Fizz

Everyone loves to be letting their hair down at Christmas, but its all too easy to carried away with that one drink to many.  Think of the rotten hangover! spoiling the next day and spending it not quite with it. It will be best to eat something with your drinks and will help you pace yourself, slowing down the effects of the alcohol.  Stay hydrated and decide on a limit of how much you plan to drink and stick with it.  Most of all plan your nights out in advance, either being picked up by family or friends or a pre-booked taxi.

Family Come First

If you are spending half of your time worrying and getting anxious then this should be a red flag.  Stop and re-evaluate your priorities.  Consider overall costs, there is no harm in saying no to invites or attending functions if it is going to be drain on the family, generating more worries than is really needed.  I’m sure Children would love to see their Mums and Dads happy and relaxed and enjoying the much needed time with each other.

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7 comments on “Self Care Tips for Christmas

  1. selfcaremadeeasy

    Just discovered your blog today. Love this post! I’ll have to remember some of these tips for next year!


  2. What a Beautiful Post Victorine. I doubt anybody would have though about such a Post, asking people to “Take Care of themselves and Be with Family” during this Marvellous Season of Christmas. Thank You for the wonderful words of Concern and Advice.


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