chilled herbal tea recipe
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Chilled Herbal Tea Recipe

Cleanse and Detox with these 9 Potent Herbs

Bloating and Constipation  can hold a whole host of unwanted symptoms such as trapped wind, tummy pain, food intolerances (IBS), headaches and irritability  not to mention time consumed sitting on the toilet, need I say more. It is quite a subject for me as some years ago after feeling bloated and nauseated in the mornings especially continuously I found that through a simple blood test I had H.Pylori bacteria and apparently many of us may have it without any symptoms at all!!  So it is worth a discussion with your Doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms.


Cold Herbal Tea
Cold Herbal Tea

Persimmon Leaves

Strengthen the immune system;  reduce allergy symptoms; protect blood vessels; helps stop bleeding.


Used for sore throats; used for mouth wash; cleanse blood; promotes cardiovascular health; treats mouth inflammation.

Malva Leaves (Chinese Mallow)

Soothes membranes of the system; treat stomach ache; gastroenteritis; irritable bowel; help with bronchial irritation.


Elimination of intestinal parasites; lowers cholesterol; boost immunity; benefits diabetes; improves digestion; eases menstrual pain.

Holy Thistle

Has anti-bacterial properties; relieves headaches; reduces stress; helps with menstruation pain.

Blessed Thistle

Stimulates secretion of gastric juice and saliva; balances appetite; facilitates digestion; stimulates the flow of bile.

Marshmallow Root

Used for pain and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract; dry coughs; good for stomach ulcers; constipation; helps treat urinary tract bacteria; kidney stones.


Relieves gas; blocks acid from heartburn; improves blood circulation; reduces arthritic inflammation; helps with morning, travel sickness; helps manage glucose levels.


Treats insomnia and sleep disorders; treats anxiety and panic attacks; muscle twitching; stomach flu and ulcers; improves liver function; balances appetite; treats wounds.

Preparing Iaso Tea for the Week


Each packet contains two IASO tea bags, which will make a gallon of tea.
Bring 32 oz or 4 cups of water to a full boil.

Remove from heat.

Place the  2 two tea bags in  boiled water and cover.

It should look this colour before diluting 🙂

Step two

After the tea has steeped for around 4 to 8 hours take out the tea bags.

Pour the tea into a one gallon container  and  additional water to make the 1 gallon. If you like, you can the tea bags back into the container.

Your tea is Ready to Drink!! Keep in the Fridge

You can use the leftover tea in the tea bags on your salad, shakes or any dish that you prepare.

NOTE:  Do not heat Tea in microwave as will lose its beneficial qualities.

How Much do I need to drink?

The usual dosage is two 8 ounce glasses of tea per day. 
(8oz with Lunch & Dinner then maybe 4 ounces with a snack) 
You can drink more or less anytime during the day.

NOTE: Be sure if you are taking any prescription medications to take them 1 hour before or after you have consumed the tea.



Apple Smoothie
Garden Apple Smoothie and Herbal Tea


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