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Guide to Dry Brushing with Garshan Gloves

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Dry Brushing with Garshan Gloves is a wonderful treatment you can do at home as part of your shower or bath time routine.  This type of dry brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic dry brushing massage known as Garshana.  The Benefits of this practice is to stimulate the skin and lymphatic system, enhancing your blood circulation and a gentle release of toxins with the body.  I have dry brushed for years but find that using a loofah or brush is too abrasive for me so found a better alternative using raw silk gloves and having knowledge as Massage Therapist I prefer then as have much more control of the strokes and circular motions needed for lymphatic drainage.

Garshan Raw Silk Gloves on Amazon

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These are one size fits all, another advantage is that they are machine or hand washable again I find that loofahs and brushes seem to go slightly smelly after a some time.

Learn how to practice your daily dry brushing

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Massage your entire body including your face, avoiding any sensitive areas or skin that is broken, sunburned or inflamed

The strokes should be done quite vigorously with light pressure in a sweeping action to stimulate the skin use the strokes up and across towards the heart

Start at the wrists with a circular motion upwards towards the elbows

Upper arms use long brisk strokes upwards towards the axillary (armpit) nodes

Upper abdomen use upward strokes then across the chest area towards to armpits

Lower abdomen and buttocks,  brush in circular motion down towards the (inguinal) nodes in the groin area

Massage your knees in a circular motion, then your inner and outer thighs in upward long strokes

Massage your ankles and feet in a circular motion, then go up the calves using long upward strokes

Now not only have you performed a Lymphatic Massage you also have beautiful soft skin! to enhance and nourish your skin even further you can apply some Coconut Oil, Almond or the luxurious Jojoba Oil 

The Benefits of Dry Brushing

You will find yourself feeling lighter, with more energy and vitality with an enlivened metabolism

A gentle Elimination of Toxins

Balanced Hormones

Toning and firming of the Skin

Increased Blood Flow

Smoother and Brighter skin

Removes dead skin cells and opens up clogged pores

Reduces Fatigue

Used with Essential Oils for Optimum Benefits

Note if you prefer using a Loofah or Dry Brush you can still use the directions above, also another alternative to Raw Silk Gloves are Exfoliating Gloves, I have some of these also enwoven with bamboo.

Happy Dry Brushing to Health!

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