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Rescue Remedy a Natural Stress Reliever 

1-38 List of Bach Flower Remedies to Support Negative Emotions such as Uncertainty, Anxiety and Fear.

This little bottle of calm flower essence is my emotional ally tucked in the pocket of my handbag.  When things get a little frantic and even the most simplest of tasks can feel like being push you to your limits,  a few drops of Rescue Remedy is great for restoring a sense of inner calm when everything seems to be toppling down around us or  even if we are just having ‘one of those days’

The Quote I love by Dr Edward Bach

When peace and harmony return to the mind, health and strength will return to the body

Developed in the 1930’s by Dr Edward Bach a Harley Street Doctor and Bacteriologist, Homeopath and Researcher became increasingly aware that he and his colleagues in the medical profession were expected to treat the disease and ignore the person suffering them.  He observed that patients with certain conditions and ailments all had something in common, a personality type and trait which lead him believe that the attitude of the mind played a role in maintaining health and recovery from illness.

By 1934 Dr Bach left his lucrative practice in London to follow his gift as a Healer and Writer determined to devote the rest of his life in finding  a new system of medicine that would treat the root emotional cause behind conditions not just the symptoms and thus started his journey in Oxfordshire exploring the countryside believing it was to be found in nature.

After years of research he identified 38 basic negative states of mind and intuitively isolated 38 different flowers for each of these states and emotions.  He then extracted the essence and vibration of the flower by solarisation and distillation preserving the essence of the flower  in alcohol in a grape alcohol solution.

Flower Essences in Rescue Remedy


Rock Rose: for panic and fear, providing calm and courage

Impatiens: for agitation and impatience, providing a feeling of less haste and more relaxed around others

Cherry Plum: for the feeling of loss of control and dread , providing us to feel more rational in difficult situations

Star of Bethlehem: for shock, unexpected bad news or an unwelcome event, providing us with comfort

Clematis: for minds adrift,  providing us and bringing back to earth and back to ourselves

Helpful for These Types of Stressful Situations

  • Before taking an exam
  • When you are anxiously awaiting news
  • Family upset
  • When suffering a panic or anxiety attack
  • If you have received sudden bad news
  • Meeting deadlines at work
  • Before an interview
  • When you’ve lost a loved one or pet
  • Before a public speaking engagement
  • Immediately after a traumatic event

The Placebo Effect

I spent some time looking through the internet for any adverse affects and safety issues I really could not find a bad review, it seems to help many people throughout the world, though I did come across comments relating to the ‘Placebo Effect’ and whether it really works or not.  Its  my belief that I’m all for the placebo effect and I don’t think it is a negative at all, as this is what Dr Bach originally refers to the ‘Power of the Mind’ and if it helps many people including myself then I’m not going to question vibrational or energy therapy. Although the evidence is insufficient I did find study and article on Medical News Today that it is effective in relieving stress and anxiety.

For safety concerns it does not interact with any medications but to take precaution when pregnant and to use drops mixed with water rather than directly on the tongue due to its alcohol content.  It was also advised against individuals with alcoholism as it could possibly cause craving.  Note it contains 27% grape alcohol.  Not completely exempt as there are many products ranging from sprays, pastilles, creams and even one especially for children and pets!

Its been a great addition in my kitchen sink, I mean handbag!!! for the passed 10 years or so, I really wouldn’t be without it, not just for crisis but on days when I’m feeling a bit uptight or overwhelmed, though have been advised that if I am using most days  then I should look into other Flower Essences to support emotions that may be holding oneself back.

rescue remedy

1 – 38 List of Bach Flower Remedies

  1. Agrimony – oversensitive, act jolly and hide their feelings
  2. Aspen  – vague fear that something bad is going to happen
  3. Beech  – sees beauty in all things
  4. Centaury – wants to serve others so much they neglect themselves
  5. Cerato –  no confidence in themselves to make the right decision
  6. Cherry plum – fear of being too stressed
  7. Chestnut bud – keep repeating past mistakes
  8. Chicory -over caring for the welfare of others
  9. Clematis – no great interest in life
  10. Crab apple – feels like something is dirty in their body that they have to get rid of
  11. Elm – think whatever they are trying is too hard to achieve
  12. Gentian – easily discouraged
  13. Gorse – unable to believe that anything can be done
  14. Heather – always need to be with others
  15. Holly – jealousy and suspicion when there is no need for it
  16. Honeysuckle – living in the past
  17. Hornbeam – fear they are not strong enough to go on
  18. Impatiens – want everything done faster; excruciating pain
  19. Larch – think they are never as good as others
  20. Mimulus – ordinary everyday fears
  21. Mustard – clinical depression
  22. Oak – fight strongly to get well, even though their case is hopeless
  23. Olive – have given up on life
  24. Pine – always blaming themselves
  25. Red chestnut – fear for others
  26. Rock rose – terror and the feeling there is no hope
  27. Rock water – carries self denial to an extreme
  28. Scleranthus –  inability to decide between two things
  29. Star of Bethlehem  – sudden misfortune brings great unhappiness
  30. Sweet chestnut – life is unbearable, can’t endure any more
  31. Vervain – fixed ideals that they think others should share
  32. Vine – very self confident, think others would do well to adopt their way of doing things
  33. Walnut – too easily influenced by others
  34. Water violet – aloof and independent
  35. White chestnut – obsessed with unpleasant thoughts
  36. Wild oat – wants to do something great, but no great calling towards anything
  37. Wild rose – gliding through life
  38. Willow – can’t accept misfortune without resentment

    Disclaimer: by no means is this list a substitute for medical treatment, should symptoms persist it is advisable to consult your Medical Practitioner

7 comments on “Rescue Remedy a Natural Stress Reliever 

  1. Such an informative piece… I’d heard of Rescue Remedy but will definitely be picking up a bottle now! 💛

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  2. I’m a big fan of Rescue Remedy, and those little Rescue Pastilles. 🙂

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