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Pre Treatment Advice for using Derma Roller at Home

Pre-Treatment Advice for using Derma Roller at Home

  • For Pre-Treatment Advice.  Since delicate skin or sensitive areas may be swollen or red (usually lasts no more than 2 hours, will look like mild sunburn for this time) I would advise not to make any social plans for the same day.  Note: use on the Evening, as skin redness would have disappeared by the morning
  • Do not take Aspirin or Ibuprofen for 2 days beforehand unless you are instructed by a doctor to do so.  Aspirin and Ibuprofen thins the blood, this only occurs usually if you are using a higher needle grade on the lower grade there is no risk of bleeding.
  • Do not drink alcohol the night before, the skin will be dehydrated.
  • Any waxing should be performed  at least 72 hours before using the Derma Roller.  Electrolysis no less than 5 days and Botox it is advisable 3 weeks later.  Who needs Botox though when you have the Derma Roller!

Steps 1- 2 -3 Pre Treatment Advice

  1. Firstly make sure you roller is sterile, you can use a sterilising solution like Mylee or immerse in boiling water for 5 minutes.
  2. Cleanse the skin thoroughly removing all make up and then re-cleanse with cotton wool soaked in cooled in Saline Solution
  3. Prepare to roll! using this method of movement.  Think of the Union Jack Flag! Sectioning approximately a 4×4 cm square for each manoeuvre, back and forth 6-10 times.

For fine wrinkles it is ok to roll over them, for deeper wrinkles, with clean hands make the skin taut with your thumb and forefinger and roll, you can roll this area a little more, but don’t over do it.

By now you will see slight glow of the skin, in actual fact you will need to see some reddening of the skin, as this is the actual process of  the skin’s natural mechanism to renew itself.  If you think of when you grazed or cut yourself, what happens is all the skins supervisors (fibroblasts) come to the surface providing their own ‘building materials’ to repair the tissue with a protein called COLLAGEN!

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