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CoQ10 Serum a Newcomer to the Skincare Industry


What is CoQ10?

CoQ10 is a relatively newcomer to the skincare industry also known as Coenzyme Q10 or Ubiquinone an enzyme that is produced naturally within the body, found in every cell and tissue.

It’s well known within the Health  Industry and has been researched extensively to be of great value for our well-being for it’s high anti-oxidant content which helps in neutralising harmful Free Radicals the enemies of Collagen and Elastin!

Under perfect conditions we produce enough CoQ10 with our body but various factors such as aging, stress and some medications and over time can deplete our reserves and our cells ability to regenerate and withstand stress decline.

Using CoQ10 Serum to Benefit your Skin

Unfortunately as we said CoQ10 production tapers off as we age, as a result cells lose their efficiency (Energy Production) and protecting capacity (Anti-oxidant Power) which are important for health young looking skin.

So what can you do about declining CoQ10 in the body? You can use Supplements both internally and externally in the form of Serums.

5 Ways CoQ10 Benefits the Skin

  • It Energises – Energy needed to repair damage and make sure skin cells are healthy
  • It Protects – Against Photo-aging that means premature aging due to over exposing the skin to the sun
  • It Rejuvenates – Skin by stimulating skin cell activity
  • It Stimulates – Collagen Production
  • It is a potent anti-oxidant – that acts against oxidative damage

Our Natural Extraction Professional Formula is formulated with natural plants by means of fermentation, concentrating and refining, it can react with Free Radicals in the skin cells and work with our Derma Roller to achieve fabulous results! It will help increase skin’s moisture content, slow down collagen loss, enhance skin’s brightness and reduce fine lines, leaving the skin more Elastic Fantastic!


CoQ10 Serum

CoQ10 is a Skin Saving Essential

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Derma Roller Home Treatment Guide


It looks daunting doesn’t it? like some sort of medieval torture weapon! I suppose the last thing you would think about in your skincare regime is running tiny needles over your face!  With my love of Ancient Therapies did you know that ‘micro-needling’ has been used in China for centuries, not only did use they for beautiful skin but they also believed that it had a positive effect of the Qi (Chi) life energy of that person. While Western Medicine is finally catching up, Chinese Medicine has known this for centuries: that micro subcutaneous injuries to the Epidermis (most outer layer of the skin) stimulates new collagen growth and renew skin cells to produce smoother, healthier skin, it has now been scientifically proven, though it doesn’t account for the Qi .. give it time though!

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